Who we are

Innovation in PET, Tech Polymers and Recycling

On the first of April 2014, CL Grupo Industrial acquired the production unit of PET resin  – Artenius S.L.U – SPAIN sold by La Seda.

The new company was named PlastiVerd to show its engagement to produce new and and differentiated resins using an energy-efficient manufacturing process as well as its interest in promoting environmental sustainability.

Reliability and Flexibility

Although PlastiVerd was founded recently its know how is huge. Its team of professionnals, processes in place, technical specificities and other aspects of manufacturing and management reflect the high level of excelency previously expected by La Seda. Efforts have also been multiplied in Research, Development and Innovation with the aim to produce a wide range of products that cover the needs of an increasingly demanding market in the field of resin, levels of quality and services expected.

PlastiVerd offers the market high performing products that are very energy-effective. This helps clients reaffirm their sustainability policy and enables us to offer highly competitive prices. This quest for innovation shown by Plastiverd undoubtedly adds to the clients’ and partners’ value since materials used are more ecologically friendly and help reduce gas emissions. This in turn means that the company also contributes to the clients’ wish for sustainability.

Personalised services

With the aim of looking ahead to the future, the company’s technical team continuously strives to offer the best and most innovative products thanks to its experience.

At Plastiverd our clients’ satisfaction is our objective and we aim at fullfilling their specific needs so as to offer a personalised service that will add differentiated value at no additional cost.

Knowledge and Experience

PlastiVerd has the knowledge and the experience required to assess clients in the manufacturing of the best products.

Our team of technical experts is available to provide assistance regarding the best products to use, their applications and processing installations needed so as to offer the most appropriate solution to cover each and every need. 

In addition, PlastiVerd’s team is available to help clients maximise the functionality and efficiency of PET resins through guidance and its experience regarding the use of resin and the set-up needed for optimal processing.